A King(dom) Love-poem

The mighty God of universe
Who created mountains and space
dwells within me
and surrounds me with His arms of grace

A desire to expose Your greatness
a burning fire within..

-You are really enough
you are everything-

.. makes me fly
far beyond mountains and space
to the place where I hear your voice
‘My daughter, rest in my grace’.

That place, far beyond universe
Is nearer than the place my feet stand
I is Your dwelling place within
The mighty God so near, I can’t comprehend

If this mighty Father God
came so close, so near
There is nothing in heaven and earth
I will ever fear

Human voices fades away
Because the thunder of Your creating voice
lifts me up an enlightens me
Gazing on the beauty of the son of You choice

Dear mighty God of universe
Only gazing, drinking, graciously taking
Is what You desire in reverse
No words can describe the mighty kingdom You’re making

Your kingdom everlasting
is breaking through
I see, I smell, I sense
In me, my friends, my city

Break through, break through

Thirsty, dry, dusty
Crying for satisfaction
Yearning for a real touch
of Your affection

Let Your mighty voice thunder
Let the heavens pour out
Your healing streams of mercy

Pour out, Pour out.

Full of hope I raise my hands
to touch more of the first rain
Drown me in Your endlessness power
Let me taste that joy of harvesting the first grain

High and low
Strong and weak
King and servant
I adore You